5 Reasons You Need A Consultation

So you’ve decided you want hair extensions! That’s great! You’ve researched the best hair extensions specialist in your area and called Strictly Xtended. Excellent! They advised you to book a consultation, why?

Booking a consultation may seem like an unnecessary visit to the salon, when you can simply pick up the phone and fire a quick round of questions like “how much does it cost?” or “what methods do you do?” and “Do you use Great Lengths hair extensions?”  The problem though is that a telephone conversation can only provide limited information. Most importantly it will not provide your hair extension specialist with all they need to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. So why do we think you should book a consultation? Here are our 5 reasons:


5 Reasons_Consultation


Right Product
We need to establish that the right product and right method of application will be used for your specific hair type.  Without the consultant seeing your hair (in person) it will be difficult to know the correct density, length or condition of your hair.  Although a quick description may seem sufficient it is often not enough. What we may think is thin hair may actually be thick but fine hair and believe it or not, thin and fine hair are two very different things. A specialist will also be able to look at your scalp to determine if there are any reasons preventing you from having extensions. It would be a good idea to mention any medical conditions or allergies at this stage too.

Style Choice
The consultant will then determine which method would be most suitable should you go ahead. The chosen method will also be dependent on the particular style and look you want as will the product itself. You and your consultant will need to choose a product that matches your hair texture and colour and it may be possible (although not always) that your hair needs a trim prior to application.

Maintenance & Hair Care
During the consultation period, your hair extension specialist will be able to advice you on the correct maintenance and after care for the particular hair and method being used. They will also inform you of how long your extensions are likely to last (with the proper maintenance) and explain the removal process too. Some hair extensions are 100% reusable but should be removed by a professional hair extensions specialist. Speak to your hair extension specialist for more information.

Perfect Look
It is at this stage that you and your consultant can discuss the look you want in more detail and you may wish to show pictures.  You will have the opportunity to request whether you simply want more length or more body, some added curls, some bangs, a colour or if you want to be able to put your hair up etc. All of these style factors will have a bearing on what product you choose and how your hair extensions are done. The consultants primary aim is to offer you a bespoke service ensuring you leave with the look you’ve always wanted.

Right Price
Finally, “how much does it cost?” It is a fact that this is one of the first questions a potential client asks but until the above factors can been determined a fixed price is difficult to give.  We may be able to quote in terms of ‘price range,’ however we prefer that our clients are well informed, which means, providing an accurate cost of their treatment beforehand, to avoid uncertainty.  Strictly Xtended deal openly and honestly with all our clients to ensure they receive the best possible service available in Harlow.


So there you have it, a consultation benefits the client and builds client-consultant rapport, making for a better experience all round. So… have you booked yours yet?