Best Brands: Your Choice!

Have you ever wondered what the best brands in hair extensions are? Have you ever asked what is meant by ‘the best’? Is it the most popular or the most expensive? Is it the best quality or the best feel or the one that gives YOU the look you want?

It’s evident that what is best for one is not always best for another! This is why here at Strictly Xtended, we pride ourselves on offering our clients top quality hair extensions suitable for a variety of tastes and budgets.  In order to ensure you get whatever is ‘best for you’, we take our combined knowledge of the hair extension market as well as our understanding of our customers and their needs and select products that meet those needs.  This enables us to offer our clients not only affordable brands, but popular brands, top quality brands and celebrity choice brands too. So there is something for everyone and best brands to suit all.

Of course we offer brands that are of the highest quality, some that are listed among the ‘Top 10 Hair Extension Brands’ out there but what is important, is that we give you the choice.


So, now that the power to choose what is best for you lies in your own hands, take a look at our current brand listing below:

StrictlyXtended Best Brands

So I guess you’ve noticed by now, that each brand provides hair suitable for a variety of different application methods and understanding the array of methods is another ball game all together. But don’t despair, look out for our blog post on ‘hair extension methods’ coming soon! And if you still don’t know which brand is best for you, remember our consultation service is here to help you make an informed decision and we’ll be happy to let you know what we recommend.