My Week With Strictly Xtended

Strictly Xtended

The Strictly Xtended Couch
Having spent six days, being a spectator on a rather comfortable couch in a salon neatly tucked away by Bush Fair in Harlow, I have to say I’ve learnt a lot. It’s not as though I’ve had a week of doing nothing but watching, no, I have researched, created and most importantly learned the ways of a salon and the basics of hair extensions.

So, what does Strictly Xtended do? In the simplest of terms, their main thing is hair extensions. However, they specialise in Micro rings, Nano rings, Hot and Cold Fusion Bonds, Weaving, Micro Weft, Bonding and Tape Hair Extensions. During my days here, I have researched the various hair extension brands that Strictly Xtended use, which include Great Lengths, Easilocks and Beauty Works. Before this week, I couldn’t say that I had any idea about hair extensions other than knowing that they went in your hair; the rest seemed like magic to me. My main job whilst here though has been marketing. This entailed looking at the social media side of things as well as doing a lot of research into brands and other products, but to be honest simply being within this environment has enabled me to pick up a fair bit of knowledge about hair extensions too.

There have been three main hair extension brands that I have researched during my time here: Easilocks, Great Lengths and Beauty Works.

A brand like Easilocks hair uses no heat, glue, sewing or braiding, instead they use small tubes that lock the hair into place and, because of this there is absolutely no chemical damage. These extensions last 3 months and are reusable. You will all be happy to hear that Easilocks uses 100% human hair and organic pigments, meaning your extensions will feel and look as natural as your own hair.

Great Lengths
Another brand Strictly Xtended use is Great Lengths hair, this was the most interesting for me as the hair is sourced from Indian Temples, there is also no need to worry about the ethical source of things (You’re not unfairly stealing people’s hair), because the money that Great Lengths makes is sent back to aiding the development of temples. These extensions give you volume and are easy to style, allowing you to achieve the hair you’ve always wanted.

Beauty Works
The last extension brand that I researched in my time here is Beauty Works hair, a brand that has 5 years of supplying quality hair, leaving a person with thick, natural looking extensions that aren’t dry. They are easy to attach or clip in, can last for months and are reusable; just like Great Lengths. Celebrity names like Dannii Minogue and Nicole Scherzinger have been among the people that have used Beauty Works hair extensions.

The Strictly Xtended Service
Enough about the brands, what about the service?

As much as I have personally been made to feel content and happy within this place, I have also had the pleasure of witnessing the Strictly Xtended team interact with their clients and this is what I noticed:

They are personal and friendly, making anyone coming to the establishment feel welcome. When the clients leave, there is nothing short of a smile upon their face and of course, beautiful hair. During my time here, even I have contemplated doing something with my hair; which is a true miracle for me. If I am honest, at first it was quite a worrying experience coming to a place I had never been to before and to work in a new environment, however I found it very easy to settle down and enjoy my time here. Speaking to clients that had been to Strictly Xtended before, I asked what they thought of the service and what they had to say was that it’s always welcoming and a good all-round experience. When I asked whether they were happy with their hair extensions, they said yes and, honestly, you could see that. When asked specifically about the staff and how they made the clients feel comfortable. The response I got was that they did this by talking, showing an interest and generally making them feel relaxed; this was indeed something I witnessed myself.

So, that was my week with Strictly Xtended. I am sad that it’s over so soon but for you this could be the beginning, so if you’ve never tried hair extensions or you would simply like a new look, then why not step into that neatly tucked away salon, have a seat on the comfy couch like I did and have a chat with the friendly team at Strictly Xtended and if you have had hair extensions in Harlow’s Strictly Xtended salon then feel free to leave us a comment below and share your experience too.